What do you do with basement leaks?

It’s a headache when you find your basement wet. You know it can’t be good for the structure of your home. can be severely You’re absolutely right! Your home will be severely affected as water damage weakens the foundation and causes more problems in the long run. That’s not all, mold and bacteria also tend up forming in the area causing health problems for you and your family. So here’s a bit of information to help protect you.

How do I know if my basement is getting water leaks?

You can’t always notice water leaks in the basement. The leaks might be so small that people end up missing them at first but they accumulate water damage over time. So here are a few ways to tell if your basement is having problems. 

  • Mold 
  • Rotting Wood 
  • Crack in the walls 
  • Humid room (condensation)
  • Stains on walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Chalky white deposit on tiles (Efflorescence)
  • Rust on floor or carpet

How did the water get into my basement in the first place?

It’s very common for water to seep its way into the home but it’s good to know where the problem areas are so that you are prepared.

  • Cracks in the basement foundation walls or floors. 
  • Bad drainage in the basement 
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Basement window 
  • Sewer backup 
  • Heavy Rain
  • Melting Snow

What is a sewer back up?

This usually happens because of heavy rain or melted snow in the sewer system. With the increase in water, the waste goes back into your home flooding your basement. You could prevent this by getting our plumbers to install a backwater valve for you. This device stops waste from flowing into your home. This may not be possible for every home but call our plumbers to inspect the system and tell you if your home can accommodate it.

How do we stop water from coming in through cracks in the basement?

The older a basement is the more we notice cracks start to appear in our basement foundation, walls, and floors. Water can seep in through these cracks and cause problems for you. If you hire our plumbers we can help waterproof your basement by cementing all the cracks and finishing it off with a waterproof coating. This keeps your home better protected from water damage.

How can I improve the drainage in my basement?

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that water will reach the basement but we can be prepared to deal with it when it’s here. Having drains to reroute the water away from the home can be helpful. There are many tools we can use to make it happen. A common one is a sump pump. It is installed in the lowest part of the basement to prevent flooding. Water naturally reaches this area and the device pumps the water out of the home. Or if you’re looking for more protection you could get weeping tiles. They are plastic pipes that lead water away for the home by using gravity to do the work. They will have to be installed in trenches and covered with gravel to provide better protection.

How do I prevent water from entering through my basement window?

Most basements have small rectangular windows to allow natural light into the room. The windows are near the ground level because of the location of the room. But this means that when there is rain or snow there is a chance that water could leak through because of the high pressure. A common way to fix this problem is by having a drain in the area. This will lead the water away from your home. You should also check to make sure the window itself isn’t damaged. As in no cracks in the pane and the window liners are able to close properly. If that is the problem it’s better to get them fixed immediately.

How do I make sure my plumbing system isn’t causing the problem?

The longer a house has been around the more care is needed to maintain the plumbing system. Did you know you need to get a plumbing inspection every two years? Having a plumber checking out your system can help you avoid any major damage to your home. Plus it saves you both time and money. If you notice problems with your plumbing you should call us immediately to deal with it. We’ll find out where the leaks are occurring and either repair or replace the pipes. This helps not only keep your basement water damage free but protects your home from other problems as well.

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