Things you should never flush down your toilet

To avoid pipe damage and environmental pollution, some things such as cell phones should not be flushed down the toilet. Here are a list of notable things that you should completely avoid flushing down the toilet:

    • Feminine products
        • This includes all types of products such as feminine hygiene products. These products are typically made of cotton and can clog your pipes if they are flushed down
    • Cooking grease/ food 
        • Flushing down cooking grease will clog up your pipes. Instead you should put the grease in a container and throw it into the trash or reuse the grease. 
    • Wet wipes 
        • Wipes that have a “DO NOT FLUSH” symbol on the package should not be flushed down the toilet, they should be thrown in the trash instead. This will prevent any clogage that could place when flushing down your toilet.
    • Dental floss
          • Floss can cause major clogs and damage if flushed in great quantities, so avoid flushing then down the toilet.
    • Hair
        • Similarly to dental floss, hair can cause major clogs in great quantities on top of disgusting odours.
    • Q-tips/cotton balls
        • A common misconception is that cotton can easily break down, this is not true as it could cause stoppages in pipes if it is flushed down the toilet.
    • Diapers
        • Flushing down diapers will likely clog a pipe as they are designed to expand in water
    • Pills/medication
        • Pills could have toxic effects to groundwater and wildlife  if you flush them down.
    • Paper towels/tissues
        • Avoiding flushing down paper towels and tissues because they do not dissolve as easily as toilet paper.
    • Cigarette butts
        • By flushing down cigarettes butts, you will release many toxic chemicals into the groundwater supply
    • Contact lenses
        • By flushing down contact lenses, many microplastics will be sent down the drain in the process. This plastic is one of the biggest environmental concerns in today’s world
    • Chewing gum
        • Gum can get stuck in pipes and block the flow of water
    • Bleach
        • Bleach can be corrosive and it could cause major damage to your pipes. It could also react with other substances in your plumbing and release toxic fumes.
    • Band-aids 
        • Band aids are made from non-biodegradable plastic and they should be avoided in being flushed down the toilet.
    • Paint
        • Paint has harmful and toxic chemicals that could affect the groundwater supply. It is better to dispose of it at a paint drop-off site
    • Cat Litter
        • Cat litter contains a parasite that will affect weakened human immune systems if it comes in contact with them. This makes cat litter a threat to public health

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