Drain Replacement

How Will I Know When to Replace my Drain?

When you think about how often you use the sinks in your home, it is something we take for granted. Every day, you use your kitchen sink, shower, bath, dishwasher but never think about its significance. However, if your drain is not properly functioning, then it becomes difficult to use all of these appliances. Because of this, drain maintenance is an important task to complete regularly. However, if a drain is not maintained, it will require cleaning, repair or replacement depending on its severity.

What are the most common drain-related problems?

There are a variety of drain-related problems that your home may be currently experiencing. The most common drain problems are:
  • Foul odours 
    • If any bad smells are coming from anywhere in your household, then you may have a drain problem. This odour may be due to a clogged drain with a buildup of things that should not be going down the drain. The smell may come from a pipe leakage or the blocked water in your pipes. If the odour is very foul, you should contact a plumbing professional for a resolution.
  • Slow draining
    • If your drain is struggling to run substances through it, then your drain may have a problem. Slow draining is one of the first signs that could indicate drain repair/replacement. A slow drain could indicate a clogged pipe, however in more severe cases it could indicate pipe damage. Clogged pipes can result due to factors such as hair, fat, grease, tree roots and many other things that should not be tossed down the drain.
    • If your pipe appears to have been damaged from a blockage, then you should consider a drain replacement. If the damage of your pipes looks to be very difficult to repair, then a drain replacement would be the best option to get your drain running again. 
  • Leaks 
    • A leak is a clear indicator that a drain repair is needed somewhere in your home. To examine if you have a leakage, you can observe the pipes at the bottom of your sink and determine if the water is running slowly. Repairing a leakage in your pipes should be done quickly, or else the leak can cause further damage to your pipes. You should call a plumbing professional as soon as possible to resolve the leakage before the water in your piping builds up and creates a worse leakage. If the leakage is severe, you should contact a professional before the leakage could affect your home.
    • If a drain has severe damages due to a leakage, it will likely need replacement over repair. Repairing severely damaged drains can be more time-consuming and costly over replacing it with a new one. By replacing your drain, you can almost instantaneously resolve your drain leakage problems.
  • Rusting Pipes
    • If your pipes are rusting, it could damage the drain flow. By noticing if your pipes are rusting in its early stages, you could avoid corroded pipes. However, if you have severely rusted pipes, this could create severe leakage or bursts affecting your home in the process. In this case, a drain replacement is the best resolution, as rusting drain pipes are difficult to fix. 
  • Water pooling
    • If you notice any water pooling around your home, likely, your drain is not functioning. If this is the case, you should replace your drain to avoid further damages.
These are the most common drain problems which could result in drain replacement in severe cases.

What are the most common drain-related problems?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you should contact a plumbing professional at Plumber Toronto Pro as soon as possible. Our team will be happy to help you with your drain replacement needs.

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