What is Hydro-Jetting?

Do you have dirty pipes? Maybe they are so dirty that it is affecting your entire sewage system? Dirty pipes can completely affect your sewage and draining system and extensive care should be done to resolve this issue. This is where hydro-jetting comes in.

Hydro jetting is when a high-pressure stream of water is used to clean the inside of plumbing pipes. By doing this, the stream of water can clean the inside surfaces of plumbing pipes. Scale, grease and other debris inside the pipes will be cleaned from the pipe walls.

What are the benefits of Hydro-Jetting?:

Hydro jetting uses a force that is strong enough to cut through and remove any debris that may block your sewer lines. This technique can clean entire pipes and leave them as good as new.

  • Effectiveness
    • Hydro jetting can unclog severe clogs
    • It opens the line entirely and cleans all of the debris buildup in pipes
  • Budget Friendly
    • Hydro-jetting may cost more in the short term, however by clearing the pipe you can eliminate many future problems
    • This make it cost effective for the long-term
  • Eco-friendly 
    • Hydro-jetting will prevent any possible contamination, no harmful materials can re-enter the sewer system
    • It is harmless towards homes and buildings
    • It will barely affect your water bill
  • Versatile
    • Can be done for a big or a small job
    • Can be done on residences or business properties

How do I know if my home needs to be hydro-jetted?

There are a couple of factors that can determine if your home’s pipes need to be hydro-jetted:

  • Slow draining pipes 
    • E.g. blockage of your sink drain, causing debris to drain slowly
  • Noisy pipes
    • The vent stack should be cleaned 
      • It could affect your water pressure and release harmful gases if not done so
  • Foul smelling drain
    • If your p-trap(a moisture barrier) is empty then odor will enter back into your home
    • This means that the p-trap must be fixed, or the water must be run for a few minutes to lessen the blockage
  • Increase in Water Bill
  • Older pipes

Hydro Jetting vs a drain shake:

Hydro jetting may be more powerful than other cleaning methods such as a drain shake, however this does mean that it is more effective for all pipes. If a pipe is weaker, it may not be able to withstand hydro jetting and it could even further damage the pipe. A drain shake will only clean as much as the width of its tip. This means that a drain may not be cleaned entirely when using a drain shake if the pipe is too wide. It is recommended to use hydro jetting is your pipes are in a more severe condition and drain shaking should be done if the drain problem is not as severe.

What are the costs of hydro jetting?

There are a variety of costs when it comes to hydro jetting:

  • To repair a main sewer line it can range from $1000 – $4100 depending on the damage
  • To repair a full sewer line it can cost $3000 – $25 000
  • Hydro jetting service can cost $300 for easier jobs and up to $1000 for the more severe jobs
    • This is because protective gear and attention is needed due to the power of hydro jetting

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