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Richmond Hill is an area where plumbing emergencies frequently occur.

For over thirteen years, Plumber Toronto Pro has become one of the most reliable and trustworthy plumbing companies in the GTA. Our plumbers have been trained and have the experience and equipment to resolve whatever plumbing emergency may be challenging your home. We are a locally owned firm and can provide reliable and effective plumbing service for homes in all across Richmond Hill.

Why choose Plumber Toronto Pro?

When we provide plumbing service, our main objective is to keep our customers happy. Whether you have something as minor as a clogged drain or need something major such as pipe replacement service, our team at Plumber Toronto Pro has got you covered.

Need Richmond Hill plumbing service right now?

Whether you need to install some new pipes or need waterproofing to protect your home, Plumber Toronto Pro has got you covered. We promise that we will save you time and money on whatever plumbing issue you are experiencing, regardless if it is big or small. Our experts know how to perform the best plumbing repair and installation services through training and experience.

If you are currently going through a severe plumbing emergency, we recommend that you:

  • Turn off your main water valve
  • Contact a plumbing professional at Plumber Toronto Pro
  • Turn off your water heater

By taking these steps, you can stop your plumbing emergency from getting worse and you can consult our team for the best measures to resolve your plumbing emergency.

Some of the plumbing services that Plumber Toronto Pro can provide in Richmond Hill:

Dripping Faucets:
  • Dripping faucets can cost you a fortune and waste gallons of water if they are left to run for a long time.
  • Faucets begin to drip when their tap washers start to wear out. Tap washers stop the flow of water when taps are turned off. However, over an extended period of use, tap washers wear out and lose their effectiveness. The solution is to replace old tap washers to stop your faucets from dripping. Contact us for tap washer replacement and service for your dripping faucet.
  • Clogged drains can be tedious and annoying to deal with. The main reason for clogs are due to not working what is being tossed down the drain. Clogged drains are typically the result when solid materials such as baby wipes, windshield liquid and hair are discarded down the drain. When you begin to experience slow draining, smell bad odours coming from your drain or hear gurgling noises, you likely have a clogged drain. Luckily, Plumber Toronto Pro provides drain cleaning service. We will analyze the condition of your drain and clean it out quickly. Contact us for drain cleaning service.
Low Water Pressure
  • Even the easiest of day-to-day tasks can become difficult with low water pressure. Low water pressure is commonly caused when minerals and debris get stuck and build up in your faucet aerators over time. To avoid low water pressure, performing an annual cleaning on your aerators can prevent minerals and debris from building up inside. Plumber Toronto Pro can also provide you with faucet aerator cleaning and replacement if your home needs it.
  • Need to prevent your home from water seepage due to heavy weather conditions? Waterproofing is the best method. The materials of your home’s foundation tends to wear out as it faces heavy temperatures and weather conditions. Furthermore, soil can allow water to seep into your home after a major rainstorm or snowstorm. Waterproofing can prevent water seepage and it can drain out all of the water that has already entered your home. If you need waterproofing service, we recommend that you contact Plumber Toronto Pro today.
We provide quick and reliable drain cleaning service.

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If your home is currently facing a plumbing problem, we recommend that you contact Plumber Toronto Pro for plumbing service. Our team will provide you with memorable plumbing service.

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