Video Camera Inspection

Video camera inspections can visualize what is entering your drains and pipes.

What is a video camera inspection?

A video camera inspection is a method of inspecting the health of your plumbing system. Video cameras can identify what is going on inside of a drain so that it is easy to come up with a resolution. Camera inspections display plumbing problems that cannot be viewed by the naked eye and make it easy to identify what needs to be fixed, cleaned or replaced.
The main perks of a video camera inspection are:
  • Can easily investigate the condition of many aspects of your plumbing system(mainly pipes and drains)
  • Can identify plumbing problems that cannot be viewed by the naked eye
  • Can assist you in picking the correct resolution method to counter your plumbing problem
  • Save you money on water and electricity bills
Video camera inspections will give you insight on the real-time condition of your pipes without further damaging your pipes or lines. This can prevent plumbing problems from getting worse, saving you long-term repair expenses in the process.

How are video camera inspections conducted?

To conduct video camera inspections, an experienced technician from Plumber Toronto Pro will be ready to serve you at any time. The technician will insert a rod with an HD camera into your drain or pipe lines. The camera’s display will be viewed by a technician in real-time, making it easy to recognize in-drain/pipe line problems and to provide you with a list of possible causes and solutions. The camera itself can be easily directed through the lines, using flexible steel cables.

What types of problems can a video camera inspection detect?

Through a video camera inspection, a variety of plumbing problems can be detected including:
  • Forming of tree roots in pipes and drains
  • Pipe damages
  • Leakages and debris buildup in pipes
  • Identify the condition of the sewage system 
  • Determine the best solution for pipe/drain-related plumbing problems
Video camera inspections are best used to detect problems occurring in pipes and drains.

Signs that you need a video camera inspection:

If you realize that your pipes/drains are not working correctly, then you should contact our team at Plumber Toronto Pro, as soon as possible. The major indicators of a camera inspection include:

Bad odours

  • If you smell any foul odours coming from your pipes or drains, then you likely have a blockage in your drain

Clogged drain

  • If your sink is struggling to pass water through its drain and you are unsure of its cause, then you should have a video camera inspection done on it

Rise in water bill

  • An unexpected rise in water bill is an indicator that there is a hidden leak in your pipes. To determine the cause of the leak, you should conduct a video camera inspection

Loud pipe noises

  • If you are hearing loud pipes noises, this is an indicator that there is something that is unwanted in your drain. Through a video camera inspection, you can identify what it is.
Video camera inspections can make it easy to determine the root cause of a drain or pipe problem.

We recommend that you conduct camera inspections every 4-6 months to allow you to identify and assess the condition of your drains and pipes. The video camera inspection will display the condition on pipes and drains while also giving you time to determine the best resolution if you encounter a severe plumbing problem. For effective camera inspections, contact us today!

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